Identified single-cell RNA-seq clusters in SLE data

Cluster annotations:

CM0: CD16+ machrophage, inflammatory; CM1: CD16+ macrophage, phagocytic; CM2: Tissue-resident macrophage; CM3: cDCs; CM4: CD16+ macrophage, M2-like;

CT0a: Effector memory CD4+ T cells; CT0b: Central memory CD4+ T cells; CT1: CD56_dim CD16+ NK cells; CT2: CTLs; CT3a: Tregs; CT3b: TFH-like cells; CT4: GZMK+ CD8+ T cells; CT5a: Resident memory CD8+ T cells; CT5b: CD56_bright CD16- NK cells; CT6: ISG-high CD4+ T cells

CB0: Activated B cells; CB1: Plasma cells/Plasmablasts; CB2a: Naive B cells; CB2b: pDCs; CB3: ISG-high B cells;

CD0: Dividing cells; CE0: Epithelial cells


This site provides access to view the data from the Accelerating Medicines Partnership (AMP) SLE Phase I project.

To learn more about this project, please refer to our preprint paper available at bioRxiv: The immune cell landscape in kidneys of lupus nephritis patients

Please feel free to explore the site. On this site, we provide an interactive view of the single-cell RNA-seq data. To access the full data, please go to ImmPort.

Please contact us if you have any questions, requests, or comments on the analysis and results.

Overview for collecting and processing kidney and urine samples